At age 63, I discovered that my life-long depression and anxiety could be described by at least two major diagnoses:  Bipolar 2 and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (as well as Panic Disorder and PTSD). Almost immediately I knew that bringing my story to others who deal with significant mental illnesses and those who love and care for them would become an important part of my own healing.  I hoped that this would contribute to others' healing as well.  This did not come easily.  Eventually, I came to terms with "going public" about my own illness and this blog is a major part of that journey.  

IN Sunshine OR Shadow--Bipolar and Self Care

Depression, Anxiety, and Mania in Real Life

In addition to my blog on my experience with Bipolar, I invite you to check out my memoir "The Journey of a Wounded Healer: The Mystical Web of Mental Illness and Spirituality".  It is available in eBook and paperback on all major online distributors.  Click on the book cover to see  the book on 



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