Spiral Singing Tree Energy Work

Spiral Singing Tree Energy Work is not an official form of energy healing.  It is, for me, a way to constantly remind myself of the joining together of four forms of beliefs and energy healing with which I most identify.  These four streams of healing work are Celtic Chakra Work, Native American "Medicine", Reiki and Shamanism. These can change, of course because one is never sure where one’s movement along the pathway of higher and higher consciousness will lead.  This is the best model for me to utilize today to explore the way these traditions and practices come together in my spirals of Spirituality and Mental Illness.  The explanation of why I chose the phrase Singing Tree Energy Work is simple.  I believe that all the Universe vibrates with Cosmic Energy and the vibrational waves sing to our hearts, our cells, and our spirits.  We cannot be separated from the Earth if we are to be whole, healthy and authentic in this lifetime.  All these traditions insist on grounding in the reality of the sacred land on which we live.

copyright Carol L. Chambers 2015-2020

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