Taking the first step


Storytelling is an art.  Don't let that stop you.  It's an art that is accessible to anyone seeking to add coherence and clarity to their understanding of their life story.  Digging deeper into the crevices of our experiences will result in greater authenticity and wholeness.  

In the following pages you will find a guide to discovering your larger story.  In particular you will begin to see how your spiritual journey intersects with your life journey here on this earth.  There are suggested exercises, meditations and suggestions for deeper work in each section.  It is a completely self-paced program.  Many of us have spent months on the computer taking classes,  or having meetings by Zoom.  This is, for the most part, a process completed in solitude.  The process is self-paced and once you undertake it, the only person you are accountable to is yourself.  It couldn't be easier and it couldn't be more important to those of you seeking to review and deepen your understanding of your life story.  Welcome!


Would you like to find an online community of like-minded folks?

I have created a private group on Facebook that you can request an invitation to if you would be interested in interacting with others who may be involved in this process.  It can only be viewed by invitation and is hidden from searches within Facebook. I thought it might be an interesting way to share the process with others.  If you would like to participate, just submit the form on the right and I will send you an invitation to join.  

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Perhaps now is the time to ask yourself 

"What would it mean for me to have more clarity about how the 'parts' of my life fit together?"

Because I don't believe in coincidences, I must believe that you found your way here because this is the time for you to explore and find greater authenticity, coherence and wholeness as you tell the story of your life.