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Strong Oak Spirit was conceived as a continuation of my early ministry and service as a way to celebrate and embrace all traditions that honor the Source of Love, encourage oneness with Mother Earth and Nature  and cherish all expressions of Sacred Energy both in this present life and in Spirit where our ancestors and spirit helpers walk with us on our journeys.

​As I continue to walk this earth and hear the callings of our Great Mother I become increasingly connected to trees.  I have always loved trees.  As a small child, I spent hours under the large trees in my grandparents' yard.  When life has been at its hardest, my friendship with trees has not failed me.  And so, my spiritual journey becomes even more nature-based and I encounter special trees as I follow the pathways as Great Spirit leads.  These special trees, my soul trees, have led me to understand more fully and live into my calling and legacy with grace and peace. 

The Oak Tree is held in special regard in almost every ancient and indigenous tradition.  It represents strength, endurance, and the ability to withstand the difficulties of life. Oak trees are resilient, often wounded in some way by acts of nature or humans, but many times, they fight on and remain the ceremonial tree of life for communities and individual souls.  My own spirituality and life has been influenced by the strength of the oak tree as I have explored ways to describe my own journey.  In the shade of the Great Oak I have come home.  And so it is.

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