Becoming a Soul Friend--A Gift from Carol

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A special gift for listening

Carol is a soul friend, known in Gaelic as "Anam Cara".  She is available to anyone who is seeking a special kind of listener to walk quietly along the symbolic woodland paths of their journey. Carol has a special gift for listening. She has been a listener throughout her career although each situation may have called for a different kind of listening. She is now placing special focus on the aspects of listening that cause her to be a skilled "soul friend".  Her own spiritual journey has been wild and magical. 

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Multiple Paths

She treasures each of those spiritual paths although some have influenced her more than others.  She was first an ordained mainstream minister.  She then studied and practiced various methods of energy healing.  She is a Reiki Master; however, she brings other methods of energy healing to her practices as well.  For the last five years her primary practices are in the Celtic traditions and Celtic Shamanism.  She follows the ways of the Celtic Shamans and is active in Shamanic practices.  It is often believed that each Shaman has a gift that is particularly given to them.  Carol's primary gifts are healing, listening and storytelling.

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Other expressions of sacred work 

Sacred listening--that from a soul friend can allow you to reflect on your own journey in a safe and honest way.  A true anam cara is merely a reflection of your own spirit journey.  Carol is also available to offer meditations, rituals, and Shamanic journeys to assist people along the way.  There are many ways Carol can serve as your anam cara.  The paths are varied--one-on-one or in community.  Carol is also a teacher of sacred listening and storytelling.  You are welcomed to the magical, mystical expansion of your journey however you define it--spiritual, faith-filled, pagan or something else entirely. 

Please let Carol know how she can get to know you and welcome you to this ever-widening community, she and others call home.  Carol is eager to schedule a phone or Zoom meeting with you to mutually discern whether working with her might be beneficial to you.  Carol does not charge fees for her services because she is committed to making it possible for everyone who wishes to be able to participate to do so.  Should you choose to make a small donation, it will simply enable Carol to expand her services and online presence but no one is expected to do so.  Please fill out the form below and let Carol know a little about you.  She will email you within 48 hours to set up a time to talk, message, or text.  (Please note that working with Carol is not designed to take the place of therapy or any other therapeutic methods in which you are involved.)