What is Sacred Listening?

The role of an Anam Cara is an ancient one but has been replaced in may cases by therapy, group counseling, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and host of other modalities which are perfectly appropriate but which might not be what you are seeking.  Engaging with a "soul friend" enables you to explore your spiritual journey (however you describe it) in ways that you may have been hesitant before. Questions?  We hope that some of them are answered below.    
Image by Wesley Tingey

What you can expect?

Meeting with a soul friend like Carol means that you are in charge of the conversation. Whatever you want to talk about, even if it doesn't seem immediately to relate to your spiritual journey is encouraged.  It's your time; and, just like you would with any other friend, you can go as far or as deep into the conversation as you want to.  Carol is not present to guide you unless you ask her.  She abides by that principle and makes a "friend contract" with everyone she works with that this will be the case.  So, first--YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Image by Andy Art

A Judgement-Free Zone

There are no right or wrong ways to tell your story; nor is there anything right or wrong about your story itself.  It is not Carol's place to tell you what she thinks about your journey (Here's where it might differ from your regular friendships.  We all seem to have that one friend who can't resist telling you what you should or could have done).  Carol values your safety more than anything else.  She will make every effort to create an atmosphere in your calls or online meetings where you can be comfortable to share, ask yourself questions, and reflect on the paths you have chosen (or those which have chosen you) and where you currently are in your journey.  So second--YOU ARE SAFE.