When You Grow Weary

Dear One: We are well aware that you grow weary, perhaps you even tire of listening to the voice of Spirit calling to you, yearning for you to deepen your relationship with All There Is and All You Are. This is not particularly surprising. We know that many who engage in seeking higher consciousness do not always admit that there will come times when it feels too hard. But those times do come and we understand that they do. Today, we want you to look at the shame you unconsciously attach to those times. There is no shame in being weary. There is no shame in taking a rest, in admitting that you are in a place where hanging on to what you have already learned, the memories of the paths you have already traveled, the insights you have encountered along the way is all that you need to do for that day. You know by now that when you push yourself forward when you are weary and need rest--physical, emotional, and spiritual, that you will only end up in frustration and confusion. You need not fear that Spirit will stop calling to you even in those times, because Spirit never stops yearning for you to open your heart. And, open it you will; you have proven that over and over again. Be patient with yourself. Spirit has infinite patience. Spirit will never put a time limit on your growth. Relax, lift you head, let the light of Spirit shine into your heart and just bask in who you have become. We are proud of you, very, very, proud. Never forget that is so even in your darkest times. Spirit has sent us to you to remind you of the unconditional love that is gifted to you freely and constantly. Fondly, Maralda

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