Unique in All the World

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear One: We want you to know how much the world values your uniqueness. Not that you are not one with everyone else, but that what you present to that Oneness is special-what you bring is your combination of life experiences, spiritual growth and openness of heart which melds with all the others. How often you overlook what makes you special. You may well have been taught that it is wrong or prideful to think of yourself as special, but it is not. For you are so very special. Just as you could see that each snowflake is different (if you could magnify them as they fell to the earth), they join together to cover the earth with a beautiful blanket of calmness, peacefulness and pure beauty. But they all contributed their uniqueness to that which is bigger. You will too. The world needs everyone's heart (as different as those hearts may be) to join together and bring awesome truth and beauty to the world. Even one person choosing to hold back will leave a hole in the larger heart of the world. Only one person has been sent to the world to fill that space and no one else can do it. You have a place in the greater heart of the entire Universe, and yet sometimes you hold back your special gifts or at least some of them. Do not forget that the world needs you just as much as she needs everyone else. Choose to add your uniqueness to the uniqueness of others and raise the world's vibrations to new heights and in doing so you will discover additional ways that you are special. Rejoice in that uniqueness and find new ways you can contribute your gifts to the world. Fondly, Maralda

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