Tiny Flowers Are Not So Tiny After All

All of a sudden, it is Spring. The Spring Equinox happened and many of us were just hoping that Spring would bring better times, less illness and death, more freedom, hugs and kisses, access to aging parents, and grandchildren. I get it, I really do. But this Spring I decided to focus on the gifts of Mother Nature with a new deeper appreciation and it has been most interesting. Now if you own a dog and you walk them you know that you look down a lot. What I discovered in this season of reflection is that what folks who cut the lawn call "weeds" are often really beautiful and really tiny flowers. Really tiny--some of them difficult to see with my eyes at least. And so this led me to reflect on the way that many of our gifts in life feel "really tiny" at the time--hard to see almost. We might simply discard those gifts, that quick phone call from a friend, the synchronicity of Spirit bringing to mind someone who just happens to need our prayers at that moment, or a wave from a neighbor who we haven't seen for awhile. Mother Nature surprises us like this and if you don't live where these "weeds" readily exist, check for the tiny flower that may push its way up through the crack in the sidewalk. Therein might lie the greatest lesson--that nothing will keep Creation from showing us how much they love us--not cement or those annoying lawnmowers that cut down the lovely little flowers only to see them grow back before they are cut down again. That's persistence, the same persistence that lives in the determination of Source who calls us to see and receive these small gifts and attune ourselves to the lessons that grow so freely in our lives. All that this requires from us is openness and the willingness to pay attention to these insights that may not appear life-changing at the time. But life-changing or not, they can be beautiful in the moment and bring us significant encounters with Love along the way. And they, along with the tiny, really tiny, flowers are enough to keep us coming back for more. And so it is.

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copyright Carol L. Chambers