Things Got a Little Tough Today

It was one of those days--those overwhelming days when you yearn to simply "get through it". It occurred to me about halfway through "getting through it" that by focusing on the end of the day itself, I was simply losing a day -- not using it to rest my spirit or

even my mind. And, so, I went to the closest tree I could find--the closest manifestation of the Divine both within and without and I let myself become the tree--roots sinking deep into the earth and branches flying high into the sky. And, right in the middle, I stood. The trunk of the tree so much a part of me, or I a part of it, that my strength returned. Leaning against that great oak tree, thinking virtually nothing, just allowing myself to meld through the bark that protects the inner trunk of the tree, following the roots, some of which I could see, most of which I could not, pushing deep into the ground to connect with Mother Earth--the same Mother Earth that fills my weary spirit on a day such as this. Looking up at the sun through the branches, a thought finally did break through. I am here--this is not a wasted day. This is a day I needed to remind myself of how closely I am related to this tree. Like a hug in a time when hugs are difficult, this tree hugged me until I stepped away, all the "treeness" of that tree flowing through my body once more. I turned to thank this tree, this keeper of the energy of Mother Earth, and I am absolutely positive that the branches closest to me reached out to touch my face. And, quite frankly, I will never be the same. --Winged TreeSinger

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copyright Carol L. Chambers