They're Cutting the Grass

Change is the essence of life - everything is in a process of moving, growing, adapting and changing, and change is the most important action that shapes the direction of life.  --Dr T.P.Chia----------------They're cutting the grass outside my apartment window. Sometimes we tend to think that life comes to a halt when we are facing difficult tasks or challenging times. We forget that Mother Nature keeps right on, the grass growing, the flowers blooming, the birds singing. If we are able to tune in to her cycle of continuity, we are more able to grasp the unending nature of life itself and it reminds us that our lives, too, go on. I also have a retention pond just beyond the trees. When it rains really hard (as it does in Florida sometimes) it fills up with a good bit of water, recedes slowly, going through all the phases--from real pond, to marshy wetlands, to swampy muck. And the wildlife seem to know just what to do. Egrets appear when it becomes a swamp. Even the volume of the frogs' song lessens as the pond recedes into the ground bringing moisture to the trees that surround it. I've started paying closer attention to what Nature is teaching me about change during these times--mostly, it is about adapting to whatever circumstance I find myself in and just like the frogs who may sense that it is going to rain, and can do nothing to stop it; they can and do benefit from it. It's hard to see some changes as beneficial. Sometimes, maybe even most times, its uncertainty is scary. But, as nature shows us, life goes on and we go on with it.

Recognizing that not all have the good fortune to benefit from the changes in these times, today, my prayer is for those whose lives are so hard that their change requires them to fight harder and harder for the lives and health of their children and families. May we be ever grateful.

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