Sometimes There Is Just Beauty

Dear One: Sometimes there are no weighty lessons to be learned or problems to be solved. Sometimes there is just beauty to be enjoyed. Stop--breathe--breathe again--and just take in some beauty that is waiting to be seen. You are prone to look for messages behind everything. What did that dream mean? What was I supposed to learn in that last conversation? We do not really worry about your concern for learning. You pursue everything with passion and relentless curiosity. You will gather information and make informed decisions. What is important for your well-being is the ability to stop walking in the pursuit of spiritual growth and see pure Spirit in front of you. Perhaps there is absolutely nothing to learn. The Love embodied in the Universe wants you to feel loved and to let that love soak into your deepest heart. Do nothing but breathe deeply. While this will not be our specific teaching every time, it forms the foundation upon which all other teachings rest. Allow yourself to be loved. Today, that is all. Allow yourself to be loved. Fondly, Maralda

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