Someone Needs You as Their Angel

Dear One: Many times your world does not understand how important angels are in your life. You may take the angels in your life for granted. You have become used to them being there even if you ignore their advice, action, or life-giving words most of the time. That's okay--they know that when you are ready to have a relationship with them, you will not only return to their love, you will recognize it. Today we bring to you attention your ability to be available to be an angel for someone else. "Oh, I can't", you might say. "I have nothing to offer." You, child, are mistaken--allowing the seeds of doubt planted in you by those who doubt themselves to convince you that you have nothing to give. Every sentient being--people, animals, trees, oceans and mountains--all serve as angels at different times and different places. You are no different. You have no need to know whether or not you are someone's angel for a moment. Your only task is to keep the paths that share your energy, love, and high vibrations open so that they are present in the world to anyone or anything who needs you. Often our advice to you focuses on specific struggles that you may be having. Today, we are calling you to think about what you have to give back or give ahead. You will need angels many times in your life. And others will need you. Often you are angels to each other. You lay your hand upon a tree, drawing upon her energy; she feels your blessing and love. Think beyond what you may have contemplated before. Enlarge your definition of angels. Be open. Be willing. Be love. Fondly, Maralda

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