Places of Peace and Calm

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear One: We know that this is a busy, almost chaotic time for you. What you must do is to stop and breathe--it sounds so easy, we know; but it appears that you have forgotten that basic fact. You are holding your breath as if on guard for the next thing that will require your thoughts or actions. You are paying more attention to what may happen instead of resting in the knowledge that it will all happen in due time for your greater good and the highest good of the world. Therefore, you are missing what is happening right in front of you, the little things--sunsets, stars, your puppy's eyes. It is so easy to take all those things for granted when, in fact, they are your greatest source of strength. We know that you may grow weary of hearing these reminders, nevertheless, our love for you tells us to remind you yet again. You have an infinite source of energy all around you. Your very spirit vibrates with it--your soul reflects the energies hidden deep within that arise through through the gifts of your Great Mother. But you must allow her to take you to places of peace and calm for that is what you most need at this time. Sometimes it is enlightenment that you need. This is actually much deeper, this opening to the fullest energies of Love itself. Then spiritual growth and change will erupt from the place of calm that you have invited into your deepest heart. Listen to your own heartbeat, it is the heartbeat of All There Is. we are breathing with you. Fondly, Maralda

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