My Only "Resolution" for 2021--Simplify

As I began the new year sharing the same hopes of many of you--for hope and healing, I came to the conclusion--certainly not unique--that what I had learned most from 2020 was just how little I needed to enjoy each day. For the sake of transparency, let me admit that I am a natural introvert so being mostly alone is not nearly as difficult for me as it is for many of you who thrive on activities and being out with people. So it is easier for me to fill my day with solitary activities supplemented by Zoom gatherings with my favorite people. So I feel for the huggers, the talkers, and the doers. And I pray for all of us, with special gratitude for those who are caring for our sick, trying to make sure the hungry are fed, and the lonely cared for.

In my spiritual journey I have had many hours to converse with my own spirit and with Great Spirit and I have received some significant insight which I thought might be helpful for some of you. And if it is not helpful, that is ok too. Since I moved away from so-called "mainline" beliefs, I have floundered a little. I suddenly realized that I had been trying to "keep up" with journeys belonging to others though not necessarily to me. And so I have allowed myself to simplify my spiritual journey. Instead of following every pathway that presents itself, I have come to affirm my primary calling to Celtic Shamanism (I don't think that the "what" is nearly as important as the "why"). I finally find it comfortable to listen without judgment what others describe as their journey while feeling no pressure to make it part of my own. That, my friends, took years to accomplish. And I did not accomplish it alone. My spiritual helpers, my Inner Shaman, my teachers and my own heart spoke to me in ways that I could not ignore. Feeling "less than" has been a significant aspect of my life's journey and I discovered that I had, once I had begun to heal from those feelings regarding other aspects of myself, simply applied that same feeling to my spiritual journey.

When I was able to say, "I am enough", and "my journey is enough and I don't need to try to follow journeys that belong to others", I found myself in a place of wholeness and authenticity. This is not as easy as it sounds and it took me several attempts and many years to reach this point. Nevertheless, it has been incredibly freeing and rewarding. Just as I cleaned my closets during these long days at home (is there anyone who didn't? It seemed to be a universal activity.) I took a long hard look at all I had attempted to appropriate as my own when, indeed, it did not belong to me at all. I'm grateful that whatever does not "belong" to me belongs to someone else and that together we can bring Love into this world. I'd love to tell you more about my journey and I will at some time in the future. For today, I only want to share with you one thing, "You and your journey are enough". And I trust that may motivate some of you to take a careful look at your own journey and love yourself and your journey regardless of how it compares to the journey of others. "You, right where you are, are enough." From the Song of the Strong Oak--Winged TreeSinger

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