Long Forgotten Knowledge

“Trees are silent guards, they are the listeners and they hold knowledge [hu]mankind has long forgotten.” ―Cornelia Amiri, The Wolf and the Druidess

I have been surrounded by trees my whole life and I have loved them, every one. As much as I loved them, and as many hours as I spent as a child looking up through their branches, I don't believe I felt their truest, most profound strength until I reached an age very close to what I am now. Their strength comes, I believe from having seen it all, lived through it all, and loved it all. You can look at a tree, perhaps scarred or marred in some way and know that it will do everything in its power to find a way to grow through the trial. And if you walk through a forest you are bound to see trees that hold other trees up. Who knows how that happens, it is in the wisdom of trees.

I want to live the rest of my life like the trees I can see through my window--bending gracefully in the wind--always returning to center, regardless of storm or scars or less than caring action by others. This may well be the forgotten knowledge they hold--that we, too, can return to center, no matter our circumstances, no matter our struggle. Namaste

Visit a tree in your heart or in nature.  Sink your roots deep until you are one with the tree.  How does it feel?

A note for today: Although I used to write an almost daily reflection blog, the last year I have been sharing messages from my Spirit Guides, Maralda.  As I have been guided deeper and deeper with them, it became apparent that those teachings increasingly did not, for the most part, meet the expectations of my readers compared to my earlier meditations.  So, guided by Spirit through Maralda and my other guides and allies, I have decided to return to a more devotional/inspirational blog. 

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