In that Choosing, We Find Love

Beauty is whatever gives joy.~~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

There are times in our lives when it may feel difficult to experience beauty or joy. I sometimes think I am there now. It would be easy to give in to a mindset that does not allow for either beauty or joy. It seems to me that one of the most important things, if we are going to learn to love ourselves to our deepest understanding, is to forgive ourselves when we come upon that particular temptation. To yield to despair , or at least to want to, is born out of the feeling of hopelessness--hopelessness that is part of our humanity if we are mature enough and humble enough to embrace it. So where then is hope? Remarkably enough, it is found in that same beauty and joy we are tempted to betray. Though, for some, it may seem to be a circular argument, those who have opened themselves to the feeling of awe in the beholding of beauty, even once, or are open to doing so now, can no longer deny the presence of beauty and therefore the presence of joy. We allow ourselves to be drawn into the intricacies of the flower's design or the iridescence of the wings of a dragonfly sitting reflectively on the leaf. Make no mistake, it is a choice; and, in the making of that choice we choose to love the whole of ourselves, our confusion, boredom, or despair. And, in that choosing, we find love. Namaste

Go looking for that delicate flower. Wait silently for the dragonfly.

Love will find you as you find love.

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copyright Carol L. Chambers