Graduating into New Places

I have never met a person who's greatest need was anything other than real unconditional love.-- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross~~~~~I've been thinking a lot about graduation in the last month. Perhaps it is because it is the 50th anniversary of my own graduation from high school (and I'm really not sure how that happened) or, perhaps it is because many of us have identified with the loss the graduates and parents experienced this year. Whatever the cause, I have begun to think about graduating. I don't graduate well--that is, I don't run headlong into life-changing situations. However, it seems to me that this is the time when life-changing experiences compel us to run headlong into that change which we did not choose and would not choose again. Amid the drama, conflict, politics and suffering, it is clear that what we need--more than anything else--is unconditional love. We need it for ourselves and we need--in every possible way--to learn to give it to everyone who crosses our individual or universal paths. This. Is. Not. Easy. We struggle to dig deeper into our hearts than we may ever had to dig before. And we don't always succeed, but the growth is in the trying. The growth is in the humility we learn in the trying. I find I am angry these days and quick to make judgments. I am sure my judgments are right sometimes, but I'm equally sure that they are very, very wrong at others. This is where I learn just how fragile I really am. Anger, more than anything, comes from fear. And, I am not going to suggest either that we have nothing to fear or to apologize for the fear that I feel. I do not think that acknowledging the fear that we carry makes us less spiritual. It may make us face that we cannot always control what we feel. Our actions are generated by those feelings, yes, but feelings usually just are. And they will pass, perhaps not as quickly as we would like, but they will pass. And so I work on graduating into this place in which we find ourselves. I work on reflecting smiles in my eyes and hugs in my greetings. And, probably most of all, I work on learning to love unconditionally, if not everyone, as many as I can. And I will keep growing, keep graduating into new places, and finding new levels of love in my heart. Be well. Namaste

Be love. Hold a safe place for those who need one

and care for yourself. Be love.

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