Could You Give It Up?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear One: You've started many new years, set many lofty goals, and experienced many days of sadness when those goals did not materialize. Could you give it up for just one year? Not the kind of "I don't make resolutions!" proclamation which is merely a reflection of the frustration that happens year after year, but rather, "I surrender to the next year in Spirit". This does not mean that you do not have things that you wish to accomplish, begin, or try. If just means that regardless of the outcome, you recognize that Spirit is working for your highest good. We can feel your resistance--not to the public declaration of "resolutions" for those can be a great source of embarrassment down the road, but to the private, inner "I will change this about me, or that about me" that gets in the way of surrender. It is difficult for you to surrender, it feels almost impossible. Truth is, you do want some things to change. There is nothing to be gained by denying those things. And there is nothing to be gained by attempting to be "too spiritual" to feel disappointment if they do not. Surrender takes on many forms, it is transformed as you are transformed and as your situations change. It is not fixed in time or place. It holds your fears, your tears, and your joy. Surrender tells you to be about your life, always committed to staying within the knowledge that you cannot be separated from Spirit because you and Spirit are one. Be at peace in your new year realizing that time is a construct in the human world. In the world of Spirit you have all the time you could ever need because you have Eternity. Fondly, Maralda

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