Bearing Fruit

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear One: We can see that you have been using your time processing what you have just recently discovered. We walk beside you each day and know that you hear us; but some of the time, what we say takes a while to bear fruit. It is your harvest time, we believe--a good season to bring forth what has been growing in your heart all this time. What does one do when it is too difficult to write--just as you have done, you continue to open your heart and simply see what unfolds. That is a lot harder than it sounds. The trust that you are developing with Spirit does not come overnight. It's good that you have stopped looking for instant inspiration and easy fixes. You will have aha! moments of course, but truly, those are rare over the journey of your complete life. It is good that you are looking deeper, even when times are hard or confusing, to see what Spirit has in store for you. It is tempting to ask if you have done all the growing you will do. That does not resonate with where you have been compared to where you are now, but, just like many, you ask anyway. Leaves fall in most places, and trees stay barren to the naked eye, perhaps for months. But trees are not barren. They are refreshing their nutrients and readying themselves for a burst of color in the spring that comes every year. When you enter a period of quiet, it is good to remember that the circle of seasons, both in the natural world and in your life goes around and around. Be patient, be present, be at peace. Fondly, Maralda

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