The Reflection of the Flame of Your Candle

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear One, we've noticed that you have been struggling with knowing what Spirit has in store for you next. Come with us into a special cave lit brightly by the light of hundreds of candles. We want you to know that what Spirit wants most for you is that you shine. We would remind you that not all candles look alike, yet all have a flame--all bring light. Sometimes it is the time when your job is to help light someone else's flame and there is no task more precious than that. Sometimes you will need to ask for help from another to light your flame and sometimes you will joyfully see your candle's flame ignite from your own passion. It matters not where you are on this candle-lit path, simply that you are on it is enough. We want to remind you that you may not always get to pick what your candle will look like at a certain time. Spirit chooses that which works towards your highest good and the highest good of the world. Standing in the middle of such a cave surrounded by all the varied flames--different heights, different intensities, different colors--you are led to listen with your heart. We have brought you to this beautiful cave so that you can absorb the peace that permeates this deeply sacred place. For it is mystical, mysterious and magical when Spirit points the way. When you have been given your special candle, and you will be, we will be here to walk with you as your confidence in your ability to keep your flame glowing becomes stronger. We are eager to see the reflection of the flame of your candle in your eyes. Fondly, Maralda

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