If You Slow Down

Dear One: There are those times when things seem to be going nowhere--at least in your heart, even if life would seem to show you otherwise. This is the time for you to give yourself a chance to focus on these thoughts and feelings that trouble your soul. When you feel as if you are just blindly walking, not really knowing where your path will lead, it is time to slow down; and, more importantly, to listen to what Spirit is telling you in the midst of this busyness that calls you farther and farther away from certainty and leads you into confusion and struggle. It is, of course, not necessary, or even likely, that you will know everything in your future, but you must allow the Universe to speak to you so that you maintain a balance between going headlong forward when you cannot see the path itself and gentle listening for the truths that send you in the right direction. It is not the will of the Universe that you slip and fall off your path but there are times, when you may stumble a little. That is okay for that is where the learning is. If you slow down you do not have to see so far into the future to know where you are going. We will remind you of this as we care for you in your journey. Fondly, Maralda

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