Be As Soft As Clay

Dear One: There are questions that have caused you to despair of ever finding answers. These are the very questions which are molding you into your perfect self. You need not fear the questions and answers will come, well, when they come. We know that you believe that it would be easier for you if the answers you seek simply appeared as if by magic floating across the wall in front of you. But that is not the way the Universe works. This does not mean that there won't be signs along the way if you look closely for them. They are easy to miss, particularly when you are focused on finding that one great moment of enlightenment. Instead you must look for tender, gentle nudges which actually prepare you for what is to come. Spirit knows when you are ready. You may think that you know, but it is difficult to get your ego out of the way and let Spirit reveal things at the time when those revelations will be most helpful for you. And, yet, you struggle so hard. We hope that you will spend some time celebrating those questions and all the Light they will bring to your soul when it is time. Trust, be ready, be as soft as clay that is prepared by the potter, so that Spirit can mold you into all you already are. Yes, that is confusing at times, but you grow into your perfection as these questions lead you to open yourself to answers--answers which will change your experience of the very essence of who you are. We are here. Fondly, Maralda

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