Love Will Not Fail You

Dear One: We know that you have made some big decisions lately and that you feel a little bit like you are free drifting while you see how those decisions will play out. We want to assure that Spirit calls to

your heart whenever you make decisions even if you feel that you are alone. Loneliness is a feeling that you will experience. It is a feeling that few people escape. Having to make difficult decisions or learning to live with decisions that you have already made can fill you with loneliness. In those cases, we would suggest that much of what you are feeling is fear--fear of the ramifications of those decisions or fear that you have more decisions to make. Of course, these fears are real to you now, but know this, the Universe yearns to call you to your highest good--to Love itself. Love will not fail you. When you are lonely or fearful, allow yourself to feel the embrace of Love and know that all else are feelings which will work themselves out in their own time. And know that we are never far away to remind you that you are doing what is best during this time of change. Fondly, Maralda

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