An Unexpected Gift from Spirit

Dear One: We believe that your world is in the midst of changing seasons. What can this mean for you? You are working hard on many things and your time seems to be getting away from you. Changing seasons is a time for you to drop back and think about the previous season and use what you have learned to determine where you want to go in the next season. We urge you to remember to treasure every moment, not just the ones where you believe that you have accomplished what you were meant to accomplish. For, in reality, who knows, except Spirit exactly what you are meant to experience? Perhaps you could experiment with sitting still a little more and listening. Or just letting your mind wander--there is great rest to the heart and soul in this "mind-wandering". Spirit often appears in this soft allowing of our minds to rest, to turn off, to disappear, if you will, for some time. Whatever you think you MUST do today cannot possibly be more important than an unexpected visit from Spirit, a special gift of insight or outpouring of love--a surprising feeling of oneness with All There Is. Time is only a concept in your world. In Spirit, time is unending and cannot be boxed into the lines on a calendar. Treat yourself to a little time--Spirit time, that is--imagine what you might find ever so slowly drifting into your heart. Fondly, Maralda

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