All That Matters

Dear One: We have noticed that you have fallen into the trap, and it is a trap, of comparing yourself to others. It has taken you years of struggle to come to your own heart. Your concern that your spirituality is too simple, too unsophisticated, too transparent, is not something for you to worry about. We say this without judgment, others need to be who they need to be, spiritually, emotionally, physically, in any way that differences are described in your world. What we want you to know is that all that matters is that you love, that you help others, and that you contribute what you have learned to the greater good. There is no such thing as "more or less spiritual". If it did not drain you of energy to allow yourself to get caught up in all of these thoughts, we would chuckle at your inability to see just how perfect you are in whatever way you grow, love and transform. Be about your work; others will be about theirs. It is good for you to keep it simple, it took you a long time to get here. Fondly, Maralda

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