Your Feet Know the Way

Dear One: You say you feel "all over the place" today. Do not be concerned, we will not tell you to "settle down". There is a difference, however, between trying on your own to "settle down" and making a choice to return to the center that you know so well. When life feels out of control it is difficult for you to remember what it feels like to be grounded in the power of Mother Earth. We know that you have the inner power to find the "quiet in the storm" if only for a moment and call yourself back to Source. Start by standing still. Try it for 15 of your seconds. Give your feet permission to extend down into the center of Mother Earth. Allow your heart to beat with hers. This can all happen in less than a minute but only if you practice listening to her heartbeat on days when things are not so hard. It is, as you might say, "like riding a bicycle". Your feet remember what to do. If you feel as if your mind is in chaos today, try the other end of your body, your feet. Let them remember what it feels like to go deep into Mother Earth. Allow her heartbeat to rise up to your feet and bring your heartbeat to rest. You only have to get out of the way for a few seconds and your feet will take over. And, tomorrow, when things are not quite so unsettled, remember to practice letting your feet take over for there will be many days that feel just like today. Fondly, Maralda

wst in tree.png