Loving Questions

Dear One: You may ask why, when you work so hard to understand what the Universe is doing in your life, do you continue to ask questions. You wonder, why isn't this easy? Why do I wander away from what I know so well? All that matters is that you live the questions (and there are plenty of them) in the arms of Love. If you approach the questions that arrive in your life with anything other than self-compassion and compassion for others you may be left in that very uncomfortable place of despair. But to grow, you must ask questions. And answers are found in Love. The questions you ask and the Love in which you find the answers are intertwined. As gifts, both Love and the questions you ask lead you to discover hidden resources of strength that you never knew you had. Love enables you to withstand what feels like a landslide of questions when answers do not come easily—and many times they do not. But, are those not the most valuable questions of them all? Yes, dear child, those the wandering questions that lead you down path after path, choosing between easy and hard ways, stopping at forks in the path and having to decide which path upon which you should proceed are gifted to you in Love. This is where true transformation lives; in the warmth of Love that never abandons you and in the questions that push you on, Fondly, Maralda

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