Anxiety Can Bring You Peace

Dear one: Anxiety is not always a bad thing. Many try to tell you that you should never be anxious but we know that if it does not rule your life and you are able to move through it that it can help you prioritize what you need to work on in your heart at this moment. Anxiety is a spiritual experience and often precedes great growth. Our recommendation is that you surrender to it long enough to allow anxiety to become your teacher. What is it trying to tell you? Is this your spirit telling you that you are off balance? We know that it is. How are you off balance? What have you allowed to consume more than its share of your thoughts? Anxiety calls us back into balance and shows us where to focus our attention. This is true even for those who live with a medical issue which causes constant anxiety for it is not always the same and can call to you in different ways at different times. You should not ignore increased anxiety or anxiety that is so loud that it drowns out all other thoughts and meditations. Listen, embrace, find compassion for yourself and your anxiety and it will, in its own way, bring you peace as you do the work to return to balance and hope. Fondly, Maralda

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