Your Journey Continues

Dear One: Many people spend their lives searching for something more—some great enlightenment, some great commitment to love and compassion. And you, my dear one were one of those. You searched for something you thought you wanted to become instead of embracing what you you already were. Instead you looked to become something different. You walked down many paths looking for what you thought you should find "out there". And then you returned to what you were all along--yourself. And what changed? It was your awareness of the Divinity that already lived in you--in other words, that unconscious spark of the Divine of the Sacred Love that you already are. Try as hard as you could to deny it was so, you came to realize that there were no shortcuts to fully embracing that Love that comprises your very being. Even those who become great spiritual leaders and innovators of thought in your world walked the way of seeking and yearning for Source. And so you walked, sometimes as if you had no map. But, we were there guiding you, helping you to find compassion for yourself until you began your tender journey which led you back to yourself--only this time you knew yourself in the fullness of Love. And Spirit wrapped you in comfort, peace and safety. Your journey continues. We trust that you will not forget how far you have traveled. Fondly, Maralda

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