Speaking is Healing

Dear One: Speaking is healing. We want to say that again because you seem to have difficulty hearing this--speaking is healing. And in allowing yourself to be healed, you invite someone else to be healed as well. What a gift to share. You forget that speaking your truth gives others permission to speak theirs. You need others in your life, many others. Courage is not usually found in a cave. No. Courage comes in the light of day. You come into that light because Spirit is calling. Do not doubt that Spirit can use the voices and hearts of others to point the way to the light you yearn for--more than yearn for--need for your own well-being. You have spent your time in solitude--solitude that you needed to understand what Spirit was doing in your life. You will need solitude often. There is a gentle balance that floats between solitude and speaking your Truth. One inspires the other. For now, the Light is calling--Fondly, Maralda

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