Let Your Tears Melt the Wall

Dear One: You expect yourself (like many) to be able to "handle it all". You hide your tears as best you can and you push yourself to be okay. Sometimes though, you are not okay with things in your life, feelings you are experiencing or painful events that throw you a little off the path you have determined to define for yourself. Do you not realize that this happens to everyone? While healing comes in different ways and in varying amounts of time, it does come. Staying true to your own story means acknowledging when things upset you or cause you great sadness. Bottled up tears do not serve you well. When things get hard, even very hard, it does not mean that you have failed or fallen off your intended path. Those tears are part of the journey itself, in fact, shedding those tears can send you forward on your journey. Holding on to them keeps you stuck, unable to move through what may feel like a solid wall of sadness. Let your tears melt the wall and move forward. Do not view this as a detour--for sadness, grief, or difficult feelings are inherent in your journey. Be kind to yourself, rest, breathe, and, when you need to, cry. We will stand beside you as you do. You are cared for beyond your imagination. Fondly, Maralda

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