Traveling within the Spiral

Dear One: What do you see when you see a spiral? Do you see the unending nature of the Universe? Or perhaps, a symbol of the constant deepening of your spiritual understanding and higher consciousness? A spiral is not only beautiful in itself, it leads you to be able to explore many other aspects of your journey. You seem to fight the spiraling inward when the unending circles grow smaller and smaller. They only appear smaller. They are not meant to feel constricting. They lead you to burrow deeper and deeper into your journey, your understanding, your intention and where you are placing your attention at this current moment. The inner circle of the spiral is the place where you have the most potential for growth while the outer circles wait for you to explode up the spiral and out into the waiting Universe with the perfect Love that you have discovered. This love results in a deepening concern and care in your heart for all with whom you come in contact. When you can hold the entire spiral in your heart and celebrate all the experiences of traveling within that spiral at the same time, you will have discovered a Truth that will serve you well in your spiritual journey. Fondly, Miralda

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