Your Inner Quiet Place

Dear Child: We have watched you scurry around these past few weeks. We want to remind you of the many signs from nature that we have sent your way reminding you that there are bigger things in life than whatever holds your attention in the present moment. You must work on your ability to find and enjoy quiet time or you will , as you say, "burn out" before you even begin with the next phase in your life's journey. If you cannot go into nature directly, go to the places in nature that you have memorized in your mind. Go to those places and let them speak to your soul. Take a mystical ride through your memories and allow your spirit to stop as it will, soaking up the vibrations of a Universe that has always been there. You live in a time of hurry--hurry here, hurry there. It was not always so. The connection between your inability to slow down is directly related to your losing your way that leads you into the deepest part of who you are--connected to the trees, the oceans, and the deep blue of the sky. We invite you back but only you can choose to enter fully into this journey. Your Spirit Allies long to accompany you to your inner quiet place. Why not go with them? Fondly, Maralda

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copyright Carol L. Chambers