Widen Your Path

Dear One: Today it is time for you to delve more deeply into what it means for you to be one with the Universe. It's a difficult concept, we know, but one that is necessary if you are to grow in your spiritual understanding of all the Universe intends in your life. You have been taught to believe that it is your intention and attention that determines what you focus on at any one time. There is, however, the intention of the Universe that comes into play as your life unfolds throughout time. The concept is really quite simple but can be difficult to incorporate into your daily living. Once you are able to feel your heart meld or be completely inside the heart of the Universe you are on your way. Your heart then draws both your spiritual energy and your spiritual trust that the Universe surrounding you, is encouraging you to shift into that feeling of Oneness that will lead you in the ways of Love, Unity and all that which is in your best interest. It is so easy to lose sight of the completeness of your soul. The lack of understanding on your part is just how wide the path of oneness truly is. You expect to walk down this narrow way, rejecting any time that you believe you have fallen off your path. Widen your path--see it as all that you are about. Welcome Spirit (who is already here) through signs, surprises, and moments that cause you to sit back and breathe deeply. As you widen the concept of your path, you begin to see how wide and deep, high and complete is the Love that calls you to recognize your Oneness with All There Is. Fondly, Maralda

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