Permission to Be

Dear One: What is it you struggle with today? What can you let go of? Can you give yourself permission just to BE? For that is how we see you--as a child of the Universe who is being. You, on the other hand, see yourself as someone who is doing. It is not that you cannot do and be at the same time, it is your intention that is important. Do you intend to BE and still get things done? Or do you focus on the doing and hope that the being somehow finds it way into your life? On some days, it seems to us that you take almost no time at all to allow Being to manifest in your life. We are not being critical, we are calling you to remember a kinder, more gentle way to travel on your journey. We have seen you do it; and, (sigh) we have witnessed your inability on some days to set your intention on and give your attention to your inner being. To fail to learn the importance of this intention and attention limits your ability to grow into the fullness of all the Universe has awaiting your awareness. If you listen, you can hear. If you hear, you can be. Let your inner being shine forth and set you free to grow into greater awareness of just how precious your being truly is--not just to us, but to the world. Fondly, Maralda

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