Go Find a Tree

Dear One: In a mere moment a single thought can take you from positive energy to negative. That is why it is so important to stay aware of your thoughts, your worries and your unconscious ego. You drift away into thinking about things over which you have no control which only serves to confuse you and contradict your commitment to listening to Spirit at all times. When you drift away you forget that the positive nature of Spirit is always available to keep you safely centered in the present. The past informs the present, the future gives you motivation in the present, but it is the present in which you must live. You are most positive in the present when you stay grounded like a giant tree against which you can stand, feeling your roots extending deep into the earth, joining with the roots of that giant tree. Lift your arms into the branches drawing nutrients from Spirit and Sky, and allow your body to become one with the solid trunk of the tree, remembering that it is the trunk of the tree that holds the tree together. Spirit lives in all the tree, but with you body against the tree itself you are firmly planted right where you belong. Fondly, Maralda

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