Storm Clouds

Dear One: Sometimes it may feel as if the stressors in your life just keep piling up like storm clouds in the distance. Unlike storm clouds over which you have no control, at the very least you can look at the stressors in your life one layer at a time. What does this do? It enables you to gain perspective on which stressor demands your immediate attention and which ones can wait for a few days until you are more rested and less overwhelmed. Anxiety doubles and triples when you attempt to tackle everything at once. The most violent storms strike when layer upon layer of clouds all join into a frightening downpour. You can bring your inner source of calm to each layer of your inner storm and experience your difficulties one at a time. This can turn a completely overwhelming burst of wind and rain into a series of quiet, reflective gentle rainfalls. And, yes, this approach will undoubtably take longer, but you will come out more whole and more centered in your knowledge of your ability to 'weather' whatever comes with courage and patience. Fondly, Maralda

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