You Live in Courage

Dear One: You seemed to have wandered off your own path and allowed others' expectations of you keep you from resting in your own Truth. Although you may feel the need for other's approval, this approval may well not be in the interest of your greater good. Your working to please others keeps you from focusing on your own experience of Spirit. It matters not how others experience Spirit. That is not for you to judge. It is also not to be used as a measuring stick to ascertain whether or not your Truth is valid. If it is your Truth, it is valid. That is the meaning of Truth. For many years you were not encouraged to speak of all that mattered so very much to you. Now you hear from your own heart. Do not allow fear to interfere with joy, or doubt interrupt certainty. This is the time for you to heal yourself of previous experiences of what you presumed to be failure. You have not failed; you have simply misunderstood the lessons along the way. You no longer live in misunderstanding. You live in courage, beauty and joy! Fondly, Maralda

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