Envision the Strength

Dear One: Before you are hard on yourself for feeling down on some days, listen for what you are called to do. Change the thought "in spite of" to "because of". For example, "because I am having a really hard day, Spirit can use my sadness to understand the sadness of someone else. This is not to say that Spirit causes you to be sad so that you can bring understanding to another--absolutely not--but face it, my dear one, you are indeed sad. Being kind to someone "in spite of" your own sadness causes you to view your sadness as some sort of affliction which must be overcome. It is not necessary for you to deny your sadness in order to be of great use in the world. Envision the strength that you have experienced by opening your heart to your own sadness and send it to someone else. You more than likely will never know who receives your breath of courage and beauty but know this: the love and light that springs from your heart, even if born from sadness itself, will serve the world in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. When you embrace all that you are, you are encouraging another to do the same. And is this not the meaning of Love itself?--to share ourselves, all of ourselves, for the highest good of the world. Fondly, Maralda

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