Quiet Your Thoughts

Dear One: You have a day that you could take slowly, savoring each minute and, yet, you seem unable to do so. Your mind is running from one place to another depriving you of well-deserved rest. We wish for you the embodiment of peace this day--the breathing in and breathing out of only what the Universe has planned for you. Quiet your thoughts by receiving the gift of breath from Source. For without this gift, your body on your level of existence would cease. Let gratitude sweep away the "business" in your thoughts and actions. Find your place in this time and space by going deep inside and consulting your inner wisdom, guides, and heart. You know what to do. You just needed some reminding. Slow down, slow down, slow down. Your scattered mind will begin to focus on that which is important for you to see today. Though it sounds simple, it can be difficult to "just breathe". Many speak these words as if it were an easy task. Sometimes it is not. Be patient. Maralda

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