Be Brave, Fly!

Dear One: Sometimes it may feel as though my guidance is far away. When that feeling arises, stop, ask yourself, "Am I open? Am I ready" Am I seeking?" Great Spirit does not speak until we are ready to hear for what would be the point? You can choose to ready yourself. The desire to yearn for wisdom does not fall from the sky, it arises from your heart. Sit, Be still. In the stillness of that quiet moment you can hear. Listening is not enough, you must hear what Great Spirit, Spirit of the magical, mystical Universe is telling you this day. Some days it may take only one word to set you on the right path. Some days, you may need more than that. Whatever you need today, listen to your own spirit and ask. We cannot do the work for you for that cheats you of learning to fly. Like a mother bird who knows that the only way her baby will soar is to give it that push out of the nest as it becomes ready. And it must fly and it does! And so will you. We are here. We will catch you if you fall, but we know you can fly on your own. Listen, be brave, fly! Fondly, Maralda

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