Doing Both Things at Once

Dear one: Anticipation can be a good thing--it may inspire you to plan for whatever is coming your way. However, it may also cause you to miss what is happening right at your feet. You can do both at once. It is unlikely that you can simply say "Anticipation, go away, come again when I'm more focused and feel more grounded". You could try; but in our experience it is unlikely to work for those of you who tend to plan and worry, worry and plan for those things which are on the horizon. Remember, when you look at a sunset on the beach, you must first cast your eyes upon the shells and sand that is the beach. Were there no beach, the sunset would be cluttered with buildings or some other such barrier. Make sure you are on the beach (even if in your mind) and do not just look past the beauty that is in front of you as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. See the shells, the sand, the lone jogger running past at the edge of the waves. See the waves themselves--the gentle roll of the great sea as it encounters the beach. Once you have observed the beauty of that which is right in front of you stretch your vision to encounter the sun as it begins to fill the sky with beauty and color. The reflection of the giant red ball you call the sun reaches out his shadow almost to the the very edge of where you are standing, reminding you that you are called to the horizon while standing on the solid ground; that very ground where you will find yourself when the sun has left your vision. Take it in, take all of it in--and go from there grounded in the present while looking toward the future as well. You can indeed do both things at once, for indeed, you just did. Fondly, Maralda

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