Let It Shine Anyway

You wake up some mornings feeling a little lost. Your day may be full of activity or

not but the ground doesn't seem quite stable under your feet. You are human--you are divine--but you are living out that divinity in a human body. So do not be surprised if there are times when you struggle with allowing that divinity to shine. But let it shine anyway. You do not need to ignore that feeling of lostness to know that the Universe knows exactly where you are and what you need. This is the time to be the most open. This is the time to take a risk that frees you from your stagnation. And this is the time to listen the most carefully to the very next thing the Universe has in mind to lift your spirit and place your feet firmly on the pathway meant just for you. You are not so much lost as you have gone off your beaten path. That is where growth lives. It is also where fear lives. And it is where grace lives. Open your heart to all of it--not just that which feels comfortable. Place your feet firmly on the ground. Feelings, more often than not, follow actions. You have not lost your way--you have just stepped away to find that hidden sweet place of growth and celebration. Fondly, Maralda

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