Your Morning Choice

It seems that you may be letting your anxiety “call the shots” as you say. But, every day when you awake, you are immediately faced with a choice--to choose to live into the fullness of life in your next unpromised hours or to fritter them away in useless struggle, anxiety, or avoidance. Even in the midst of anxiety, you can choose consciousness and awareness, fully experiencing every minute for the gift that it is. This does not mean that you will not feel what you are feeling. Of course you will. But, choosing life means you will experience your feelings with the knowledge that they will lead to something more--some greater understanding, opening of heart, or revelation of Truth. Embracing your human side means loving yourself into greater and greater awareness, understanding that on those days when the choice itself is difficult, you can find great joy in the knowing simply that the choice exists. Some days we notice you that you are able to choose the fulness of life and some days it is harder for you to do that. You have help, you do not walk this way alone. Remember to let the Universe wrap you in peace. Fondly, Maralda

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