That Sweet Place of Assurance

What is it you long for today? You seem to be looking outside of yourself for some sign that you are on the "right track". Look inward. Speak to your heart. And then listen. We are listening as well and will guide you in whatever your heart calls you to do. You, like most humans, rarely cease searching for that external sign; it does not exist. When you think you have found it, you are in your ego. Lovingly we tell you, "get out of the way"! The Love that comprises your being in Spirit is all that you need. When you get bogged down in what others may or may not think, you lose your way. But you can find it easily by allowing that which is inside your heart call you out of your reverie of self-doubt and meandering through the "what ifs". These diversions serve only to slow you down. Do not allow them to cause you to question your deepest knowledge. No matter the issue, the answer is already inside not waiting, but yearning for you to allow that sweet place of assurance and peace engulf your soul. Fondly, Maralda

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