Do Not Hesitate

Dear One: You have a tendency to pull away from the fullness of Spirit which is always yearning for you to look inside. Living life to its fullest is the way you become closer and closer to embracing the fullness of Spirit in your deepest soul. Living timidly usually means that you are also making choices that make smaller your spiritual and emotional experiences. When you love with your whole heart, you will find yourself literally bursting with joy! We see that you are also experiencing pain and disappointment at times, but those things can be transformed when you allow Love to do her work and enlarge your heart so that you can know the truest meaning of your disappointment, fear, or questioning. Fully loving is fully living, here, in the present with intention to love more each day. Listen to those in your life who wait to extend deep love to you and then be grateful. They need not be present in ways that you can touch and hold them. You can also hear from those who love you from beyond. Do not hesitate to be open to the depth of love which will lead you to fulfill your purpose and reason for life. Fondly, Maralda

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