Embracing the Darkest Times

Dear One: You are well acquainted with the dark. But it is not clear that you fully understand the purpose of darkness. Although it would be so much easier, you cannot choose to live only in light. As much as you may wish it were not so, you need the dark to grow and learn and change at your deepest levels. Just as seeds need the dark of the earth to germinate and then burst into the light, you must do the same. Even in the painful times, you must cultivate a true openness to that which you encounter as you live in the fullness of life. Darkness must not be merely tolerated—it must be welcomed into your spirit—gratefully so. By embracing the darkest times, you welcome your entire life into the realm of Spirit. And when you have reached that place of growth your life will become fuller and you come to know not only life, but your very self at a deeper and deeper level. Know that in the darkest of times, we draw even closer to you. Fondly, Maralda

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