Your Are More than a Survivor

My dear child, we sense that you are struggling with your human fear that time is limiting—that you may not have enough time to discover your true calling. There is never an end to what you can become—neither spiritually nor personally. You can become more—more of service to others, more courageous, more joyful, more at peace. You can, even in the midst of great pain and trepidation dig deeply into what you have known all along although you may not feel it to be so—that you are more than a survivor, that you are a person who is yearning to head in the direction of Light if you can find your way there. There are times when you are caught in pain, in grief or in fear and these feelings are real, but the next blossoming of your life is never more than a single insight away—the insight that you can allow yourself access to all that lies deep within and arise as a new and stronger person—ready to face the dawning of a truly new day. Fondly, Maralda

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