Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice will not fail you. You may have times when you believe that you cannot hear this inner voice, but it has not failed you. When you grow weary you begin to listen to others who would happily share their opinion of what is “wrong” with you—perhaps that you are not trying hard enough to find your spiritual truth. It is not that complicated. Ignore all of those words which are obstacles to true listening. Stop, quiet yourself, and allow that inner voice to resurface. When you turn to your inner voice instead of all the outer voices who eagerly wait to fill your head, heart, and soul with distractions, you will feel your inner voice rise up even stronger than before. Your intuition is sound; it is a gift freely given to you by Spirit. You can trust what your soul knows. It is only waiting for your recognition and affirmation of that which you have held deep in your heart for a lifetime. Fondly, Maralda

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